pardon the hiatus!

pardon, pardon! due to brief server problems, a weekend at notacon, a week in philadelphia and washington d.c. visiting neighbors, and some messed up permissions, i’ve been having all manner of issues updating this thing regularly. but not for lack of want, fauns, i assure you! this upcoming… rest of my life sees me overcoming all sorts of business and hurtles, but for the sake of self-promotion, i’ll always carry on eventually. so, as i’ve said before (after a different conference) back to your regularly scheduled programming.


about the picture: this is a quick sketch i did of travis goodspeed, a fellow hacker (although granted a more prolific one by far) and heaps big neighbor. the image is heavily scaled down and cropped quite a bit (click it for a bigger version), mind. it was done using a photograph for reference, an intuos III wacom tablet, and photoshop CS4.