New portfolio piece: Homewrecker.

it’s a blustery day outside in chicago. a rather blustery day! it’s been raining for quite a few hours, making me reluctant to do any of the things i originally planned to do today, such as visit the fabric store for some parts required for my latest electronics project (still need to update you all on the status of my bicycle pants, see: done), or make it to a general meeting of ps:one. instead i sat inside wired on more caffeine than i generally drink and drew all day. as a result i drew the piece to the left, along with the piece below. this piece was more for fun but also was an exercise in line weight, shadows, depth, et al. i’m working on it, i’m working on it.


this piece was done using photo collage as reference, and an intuos III wacom. also photoshop. i always sketch in photoshop.


given the space available unto me in this post, here’s some life-based notes:

  1. going to HOPE? see you there!
  2. going to burning man? see you there!
  3. going to maker faire detroit? you might see me there!
  4. neighborcon was smashing. update on that in next post.
  5. vote for ps:one’s resident djs for the lollapalooza remix throwdown!

and i’m out of things to say.