Monstrous Vermin

“Monstrous Vermin” was displayed for the first time at Youtopia 2019, and has received grant funding for improvements to be displayed at Saguaroman 2020 (pandemic pending).

Riffing on Burning Man 2019’s Metamorphoses (Ovid) theme, “Monstrous Vermin” is a participatory fibers installation piece that references the first line of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” which reads “Gregor Samsa awoke in his bed to discover he’d been transformed into a monstrous vermin.” Beneath a titular neon sign hang five wearable stuffed animal beetle costumes. The participant is invited to wear the beetles and roll around in a pile of giant, stuffed animal maggots. All items handmade using fleece, brocade, and poly stuffing.

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