Event: PS:One visits Flourish 2010!

oh chitlins, i don’t mean to neglect this thing. and so early on in the process too! but this whole weekend i was helping man ps:one’s booth at UIC’s flourish open source conference. ps:one showed up in force, with fliers, stickers, posters, and of course, the TARDIS. i gave a lightning talk representing our space and discussing what we had to offer the community to try to get people to check us out, and met a lot of interesting people. i witnessed not one, but two epic nerd fights also — one went on for three hours in three different positions around the room. on the second day a few of us got fed up and left to watch first robotics, which was lovely and really made my day. more to the point, now back to your regularly scheduled program!


a note on the TARDIS: the TARDIS was built by a group of ps:one members over the course of the weekend and funded by Joshua Krueger. it took four coats of paint and a whole bunch of hardware runs to get it going. inside is a tablet running ubuntu and a webcam, with custom software created by Nathan Witt allowing it to become a fully functional photobooth, and later, a video blogging and conferencing booth. it is completely modular and breaks down to fit into a van. its dimensions are 5′ x 5′ x 9′.