The Zombiegotcha.

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The Zombiegotcha is an unfinished collaboration between myself and Travis Goodspeed, with the goal of playing a large-scale sprite game between attendees of a conference using the radio function of the GirlTech IM-Me.

Zombiegotcha sprite library.

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As this project has currently been given over to the public for development, the sprite library for the Zombiegotcha is available for free and protected under creative commons.


Zombiegotcha artwork. by Eli Skipp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

A tribute to the Zombiegotcha

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A frame of the Zombiegotcha sprite artwork as printed into a scarf via a Brother KH930 knitting machine in Amsterdam by some folks, along with the oversight of Travis. He also took this picture.

Concept art: Tammy post-infection.

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Concept are for the splash page of the manual design, featuring Tammy post-infection.

Concept art: Tammy pre-infection.

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Some quick digital artwork was put together for the concept. The main character was named Tammy, a reference to the movie Fido, and all concept artwork was based off of roller derby girls. Her primary weapon was a giant mallet (a trope within anime and japanese RPGs). Here is a drawing of said character prior to infection, post-zombie killing.

Zombiegotcha: the code.

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The Zombiegotcha code, written in its entirety by Travis Goodspeed, was released to the public for further revisions in the hopes that the project would continue. At this point it has been handed into the capable hands of Christiane Ruetten. The code is available for download from Sourceforge.