The Zombiegotcha is an incomplete collaboration with Travis Goodspeed. Using sprite artwork on the girl-tech IM-Me, the intention was to create a zombie game played in large groups over digital radio. Photo by Travis Goodspeed.

The Zombiegotcha.

The Zombiegotcha is an unfinished collaboration between myself and Travis Goodspeed, …

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Zombiegotcha sprite library.

As this project has currently been given over to the public for …

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A tribute to the Zombiegotcha

A frame of the Zombiegotcha sprite artwork as printed into a scarf …

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Concept art: Tammy post-infection.

Concept are for the splash page of the manual design, featuring Tammy …

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Concept art: Tammy pre-infection.

Some quick digital artwork was put together for the concept. The main …

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Zombiegotcha: the code.

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