Soft Power Pillow Fight

23 Apr 2014 | no comments »

On the night of my reception I invited anyone who would like to to take part in a big pillow fight using the stuffed weapons. I handed out two colors of arm bands for folks to pick a team and then blew a whistle and let everyone go. Afterwards I gave the weapons away to anyone who would like one.


A full photo with final install lighting.

23 Apr 2014 | no comments »

A photo from the night of install with the lights on and everything in its place. Half an hour later, we had a big pillow fight and then afterwards I gave all the weapons away and the space was empty.


A view from atop the pile of weapons.

23 Apr 2014 | no comments »

I spent a fair amount of time lying in the big pile of weapons, especially during critiques. I thought I’d share with you the view from the pile out into the hallway.


Soft Power Reception Poster

14 Apr 2014 | no comments »

Took an hour and a half out of one of my days to put this poster together. I think it came out pretty nice!

photo 4

14 Apr 2014 | no comments »

Installation (mostly) complete. I’m going to throw in some white Christmas lights and about eight more missiles, but thus far here’s the install! My giant tent and sizeable bunch of weapons, looking good.

photo 1

Beginning Soft Power Installation.

13 Apr 2014 | no comments »

Today marks day 1 of the Soft Power show, the day I received the key to the Mint gallery and got to begin installation. The pile and its comfy foam bottom is up, but the tent and associated accoutrements won’t be up until tomorrow afternoon, hopefully in time for CalArts Open Studios. I’m very pleased with the pile. I don’t remember how many I made just yet (they’ll get counted tomorrow too) but I’m pretty confident it’s around one hundred.

photo 2

13 Apr 2014 | no comments »

An overhead view of the pile. Each foam square is 1′ x 1′.

sideways pic

480 square foot sheet tent complete.

12 Apr 2014 | no comments »

I decided about a month ago to build a big a-frame sheet fort to house the show, thus altering the gallery environment. To fill the Mint gallery at CalArts, the fort had to be at least 480 square feet. I built it today with only about 25% of the expected frustration.

photo 3

The arsenal’s getting pretty big!

22 Mar 2014 | no comments »

Three weeks until install, and I’ve got quite a lot of stuff going on. In that pile there are 11 Excaliburs, 13 HESHs, 23 Molotov Cocktails, 8 Tonfa night sticks, and 4 AK-47’s. Next up, Boeing ScanEagles, MK-60 pepper spray cannisters, SMAW NEs, and some M1911s, if I manage my time right! Send some goods vibes my way re: productivity.

photo 1

Molotov Cocktails

13 Mar 2014 | no comments »

“Molotov, flying at the mayor! Molotov, tearing down the walls!” I built 23 of these, they are super cute and cozy, and the rags are being dip dyed in orange & red kool-aid to give them that flaming you look you know and love.