Testing the completed light bright.

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Here’s a photo by Anne Petersen of the light-bright being stuck through with its first LEDs.

Build your own!

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A big part of building the fabric light bright was handing out a .pdf that allowed anyone to build it. Because it is so simple, the fabric light bright is an ideal first electronics or soft-circuits project. Anyone can download the instructional pdf here.


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The fabric light bright was honored by a number of publications, some of which have been linked to the left.

Hello, world.

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The light bright working properly, with the traditional “hello world” written into it with orange LEDs. This picture shows the strips of conductive fabric at the bottom that help to spread out the voltage and lower the potential resistance.

Building the light bright.

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The fabric light-bright was a quick idea built over the course of a week. It has since been built multiple times both by myself and in workshops, and the method changed to use a sewing machine, but in its original form the fabric light-bright was hand embroidered and hand sewn. Here is its first test after two hours of hand embroidery.