Heart-Rate Hoodie Demo Video

22 Apr 2013 | no comments »

Here is a video showing the Heart-Rate Hoodie working and with a quick explanation.

Heart-Rate Hoodie: the Circuit.

13 Apr 2013 | no comments »

Behold the tangled mess of the Heart-Rate Hoodie. Its disorganization might look complicated but is actually very simple. The servos are wired first and foremost to a very small perf board so that they can run from the Arduino more simply (as there is only one 5V pin available, and two grounds). The Pulse Sensor is wired directly into the Arduino. Easy peasy! The whole mess fits snuggly into the front pocket of the hoodie.

Heart-Rate Hoodie: the Code

13 Apr 2013 | no comments »

The heart-rate hoodie code is an edit from the original Pulse Sensor code which simply states that should the BMP go above 120, the servos should go into an up position. Pretty simple. If anyone would like a copy of it please shoot me an e-mail. Alternatively, simply copy, paste, and make small edits to the existing Automated Hoodie code (as that’s what I did).