High-five glove explained.

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The high-five glove was built for Ed Bennett’s Electronics as an Art Material course at SAIC, with the help and input of http://sprocket.telab.artic.edu/ed/and Mitchell Chan. In its current form it uses 1 uF capacitor, 22k resistor, Wave Shield, Arduino Uno, force sensor, speaker, mono jack, 9V battery, 2 gig SanDisk SD card, silicon glue, wire, thread, leather glove to create an explosion sound when high-fiving a friend.

High-five glove: the code.

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The code for the exploding high-five glove was developed primarily by Mitchell Chan as an alteration of the wave shield code available in Lady Ada’s code library. It uses the serial input from the force sensor as a trigger for the sound file, and is available for download from sourceforge as an open-source file.


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The high-five glove was recognized by a number of online publications. Here are links back to those articles.

Progress picture.

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Still a prototype (albeit a functional one) the high-five glove currently works via .wav shield, an arduino, and a force sensor. This model is bulky and in the future will be replaced with smaller components (using a recordable chip from a greeting card and a fully analog circuit). This picture shows the back of the glove with a potentiometer in place of the resistors, working out some kinks.