Abstract stuffed animal.

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I made this years ago, it has little wire wings on the bag. It inspired a series of smaller, plainer versions given away as part of a final archive project. Photo clipped from the original by Andres Morales.

Zombie jacket.

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Still in progress, this jacket is inspired by the short story I Am a Zombie Filled With Love by Isaac Marion and continues to be worked on freehand whenever there’s time.

Zebra finch.

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A detailed zebra finch embroidery on hand-made stretcher, given as a gift.

Narwhal screenprint.

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A simple narwhal screen print on muslin. Photo clipped from the original by Andres Morales.

Octopus hat.

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Photo by Andres Morales. The Octopus hat was made in response to a dream. It was made from scrap fabric, and hand-dyed fabric, with Magic Hat beer caps for eyes. The head is hand-embroidered for decoration, and the tentacles are filled with bells and noise makers.

Maple leaf.

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The most delicate of my embroideries, this piece was made as a gift to my friend Keegan. Keegan has two maple leaves tattooed on his ankle in the same vein as Hermes’ wings. I thought this was quite clever, hence the embroidery.

Stuffed animals to give away.

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A final project involved displaying our archive and collection from the year, and a requirement was that we bring something in enough quantity to give away to the class. I decided to make twenty-six simplified versions of my abstract stuffed animals. In the end, I had leftovers for friends, one of which was turned into a soft-circuit.


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This piece is a hand-drawn reference to the video game Half Life, and depicts a headcrab. It is the first part of a three-part scarf dedicated to Valve-related embroidery.


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This particular embroidery was made for a friend based off of this decal and referring to this anime. A simple gift.

Fail faster.

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These three embroideries were made as inspirational messages, and were further inspired by two friends, B Strand & Leigh Honeywell, who later received them as gifts when my room was dismantled (and thus my Chicago collection). Prior to the tear down, they hung above my desk and reminded me to be motivated.