Eyes - Tulle

On show at Space Mountain Gallery Miami from Dec. 21 – Dec. 31, 2017 as a part of Design & Architecture Senior High’s Class of 2007 10 Year Reunion Show.

This piece represents a mirroring of my high school concentration, but done using more up to date media for my current practice. Piece consists of embroidery thread, tulle, and wooden embroidery & quilting hoops. This piece took around 40 hours to complete, and you can view a full gallery of the process + close up images w/ detail here.

If you would like to own this piece, please get in touch.

Installed at Space Mountain Gallery.

On show at Space Mountain Gallery Miami from Dec. 21 – Dec. …

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Large center piece, isolated.

The large center piece in particular is my favorite, and took the …

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Nearly complete.

Embroidery is complete! Remaining task is to trim tulle (which will be …

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Example of transparency.

I was especially excited to use tulle as a background fabric for …

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Two down, thirty to go.

First two small embroideries completed. On to larger hoops!…

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Test Embroidery.

The first embroidery, done quickly prior to committing to project to confirm …

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Eyes & Tulle Install Shot #2

A second shot taken just after install in Space Mountain Gallery. To …

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