A photo of the whole set up.

22 Apr 2013 | no comments »

The set up for Assert Your Dominance is composed of a computer (macbook, in this case), an Arduino, two projectors hooked together via a split VGA cable, an electret microphone + op-amp breakout board in a project box on a stand, and some foam wedges to keep the projectors up. Due to being unable to get an app to full-screen on Processing, little shades were jury-rigged together to cover the menu bar and project a complete-looking image.

Assert Your Dominance, completed.

22 Apr 2013 | no comments »

Today I set up Assert Your Dominance as part of CalArts Open Studios, the first showing of it in its completed form. Here is a video of it in action. Photos to follow.

Assert Your Dominance: the Code

13 Apr 2013 | no comments »

Assert Your Dominance runs primarily in Processing and partially on Arduino using various video libraries. I learned how to use state machines for this and it was very exciting. The basic gist of the code is, of course, a simple switch by volume. If the volume sensor reads a high enough number, the videos are switched. Feel free to e-mail me for the code, if you’re interested.

Assert Your Dominance Prototype

11 Dec 2012 | no comments »

Here is a mediocre documentation of the current prototypical install. It is using a microphone box and a monitor that are different from the intentions of the final piece, but which suffice for the work-in-progress Art & Tech show this semester.