Assert Your Dominance

The piece is comprised of a box with a microphone in it on which is written the word "Bark," and a monitor. On the monitor a video of a dog barking at you loops endlessly. If you bark back at the dog loudly enough (via the microphone) the dog will get scared and run away. The piece was made using a SparkFun electret microphone breakout board, an Arduino, and Processing, and was built as part of an ongoing MFA in Art & Technology and Integrated Media under the mentorship of Tom Jennings.

Automated hoodie

A grey hoodie is augmented with servos, some aluminum, and an Arduino to automate the raising of the hood. Made with the help of Daniel Miller and Ed Bennett.

Bicycle pants

Created to help make you noticeable when bike-riding, these pants have LEDs sewn onto the butt in the shape of hearts and light up back and forth via flex sensors in the knees. Made in collaboration with Jordan Bunker.
photo 3

Bufo marinus/The Toad

These looms are woven representations of the 16S (partial), tRNA, and 12S (partial) sequences of a particular ribosomal RNA gene of the cane toad (Bufo marinus) and my brother, Henry Skipp, displayed side by side. Each base is represented as a difference color of thread: • Red: Adenine • Green: Guanine • Yellow: Thymine • Blue: Cytocine. These were built with the mentorship of Michael Bryant and some help from Dr. Dan Dolderer

Digital sketches

Sketches created using a Wacom Tablet and Photoshop CS 5 and/or Corel Painter 12.

Fabric Light-Bright

Using conductive thread and conductive fabric, this extremely simple soft-circuit allows one to put LEDs through at any point akin to the Lite-Brite toy. Photo by Anne Petersen.


A collection of fibers and textile work.

Flex-resistor jacket

A perfect jacket for dancing, the flex-resistor jacket has a flex-sensor built into the right arm which triggers a pattern of LEDs on the back. Made in collaboration with Jordan Bunker & Jeff Kantarek. Photo by Anne Petersen.

Heart Rate Hoodie

An update on the Automated Hoodie, the Heart Rate Hoodie reacts to your heart rate using a Pulse Sensor. If your heart beat goes above 110 BMP, the hood goes up to protect. Part of a series of Defense Mechanism projects.

High-five glove

Using a wave shield, an arduino, a speaker, and a force sensor, high-fives have been made more explosive. Made in collaboration with Ed Bennett and Mitchell Chan.

Jessica's Words

One of my first assignments at CalArts was to submit a piece to the E-Flux Unrealized Projects project. Mine was silly -- a giant connect-the-dots board played on a rock-climbing wall with chalk. Luckily there was a second part to the project -- we had to swap projects with another classmate, and then make a prototype of their project. This is my prototype of Jessica Li's unrealized project, built with the coding help of Rob Vella. Thanks as well to the Art & Technology and Integrated Media departments at CalArts for their word additions.

Kickstarter Rewards

A repository for my favorite Kickstarter rewards.

Lady Rainicorn LED Scarf

A quick project built for Kevin Gonzalez, this handmade scarf/stuffed animal is based on the Adventure Time character Lady Rainicorn and is brightened by five color-changing LEDs behind the mane.


Mythos is a card game created by Dave Mickey's Spring 2013 SoundGameSpace class. It involves building new sentences, words, and stories using three card decks to gain points and repopulate the library of Mythos and was presented at the San Mateo Maker Faire.


A skill still under development, this is the bulk of current photography work as I learn how to use the camera and grow compositionally.

Sex Monsters

Sex Monsters is a series of image-appropriation based drawings. My sketchbook since 2007 has been my grandfather's copy of "The Complete Book of Erotic Art Volumes I & II." Sex Monsters are made by whiting out images of couples having sex and then turning the abstract shape therein created into a monster.


The content of previous sketchbooks, dating from 2004 onward.
Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 5.21.32 PM

Snapchat Telephone

A game of telephone played via the social media app Snapchat w/ large groups of strangers.

Soft Power

"Soft Power" is the working title of Eli Skipp's thesis show and project. It involves the creation of a large quantity of life-sized stuffed animal versions of modern weaponry, including shells, rifles and handguns, rocket launchers, grenades, surveillance drones, and landmines, displayed in a huge pile for everyone to cuddle on top of.

Solenoid Xylophone

A children's xylophone is modded with solenoids & piezos, so that after playing the xylophone, it plays back your sequence, along with some other tricks. Built by the Art & Tech MFA1 DIT class (namely Matthew Allen, Raphael Arar, Danielle Bustillo, Ting-Ju Chen, Bram Glik, Cassandre Jahnke, Jessica Li, Eli Skipp, and Yi Zhang).
photo 5

The Toad

After the completion of the Bufo marinus project, I expanded it to include a weaving of the same portion of my brother Henry's RNA as a mirror to the original weavings, as part of a metaphorical comparison between the cane toad and our "Toad," (my brother's nickname).

VU Meter Scarf

Created as a birthday gift, the VU meter scarf lights up your face more brightly the louder it is. Made with great amounts of help from Ed Bennett.

Warning Pants

An evolution of the original Bicycle Pants piece, this pair of pants has large, red warning triangles sewn onto the back with conductive thread. Bike riding or walking causes them to flash back and forth, alerting people to your personal space and warning them to keep their distance.


The Zombiegotcha is an incomplete collaboration with Travis Goodspeed. Using sprite artwork on the girl-tech IM-Me, the intention was to create a zombie game played in large groups over digital radio. Photo by Travis Goodspeed.