Furry LED hood, for fun.

16 Aug 2013 | no comments »

Sewed some bright white LEDs into the fur on my Spiewak jacket hood, to be lit well during Burning Man. It looks super adorable, let me tell you.

Completed project: Assert Your Dominance

21 Apr 2013 | no comments »

I put up a prototype video of this, but it’s finally done and getting presented at a mid-res review tomorrow. Check out the video and some photos and the code if you’d like over on my portfolio website.


Completed project: Jessica’s Words

03 Apr 2013 | no comments »

With the coding help of Rob Vella, Jessica’s Words is now a working site, where anyone can add words to a library that Jessica can access through an admin backend and decide whether or not she knows them. The ones she does know show up on the front page in an very, very long column. Thus, slowly but surely Jessica can build her personal vocabulary lexicon. Click the photo to access the site and participate!


Back story: Our class submitted ideas to the e-flux unrealized projects project, then traded ideas and built prototypes of that idea for another classmate. My prototype was for Jessica’s unrealized project — to create a complete list of every word that she herself knew. Help us out by submitting words you think she may or may not know!

Project Prototype: Assert Your Dominance

10 Dec 2012 | no comments »

The environment for this will change in time for a second showing in January. It is currently being shown in the Mumbo space at CalArts. It will be taken down Friday, Dec. 15 2012.


The piece is comprised of a box with a microphone in it on which is written the word “Bark,” and a monitor. On the monitor a video of a dog barking at you loops endlessly. If you bark back at the dog loudly enough (via the microphone) the dog will get scared and run away. The piece was made using a SparkFun electret microphone breakout board, an Arduino, and Processing, and was built as part of an ongoing MFA in Art & Technology and Integrated Media.


This piece was made with the help and mentorship of Tom Jennings. The code is available to anyone who would like it.

Current project: Solenoid Xylophone

13 Nov 2012 | no comments »

This project is a collaboration between Matthew Allen, Raphael Arar, Danielle Bustillo, Ting-Ju Chen, Bram Glik, Cassandre Jahnke, Jessica Li, Eli Skipp, and Yi Zhang. It has progressed much further at this point and will be documented fully upon completion, roundabout the first week of December. The project features two matching xylophones, one that records key hits via piezo buzzers, and the other then plays back the key hits as well as those that came previously via a sequencer code. This video shows the first working solenoid & driver in its frame, playing via the blink example code.

Moving to LA.

18 Jul 2012 | 1 comment »

I know I mentioned this in my last post, but I wanted to mention it again. It’s been a Hell of a couple of weeks, filled with lots of excitement and even more stress and a little bit of embarrassing insanity. It seems like once I got the announcement time sped up, and I’m going to miss the wonderful relationships I’ve built in Miami — you know who you are!


At the same time, this is a wonderful adventure. The time next week, I’ll be settled into a new apartment (probably in Rampart Village) and start exploring a new city. I’ll have studio space, so keep your eyes peeled for new projects. If anyone lives or lived out there, let me know about your tips and experiences. What hidden gems does LA have to offer? Aside from Ricky’s Fish Tacos.

A sketch and some news!

06 Jun 2012 | no comments »

Here’s a quick owl sketch I did last week. It’s nice enough. Here’s the news:


In February this year I was accepted into the CalArts Art & Technology MFA program. I’ll be moving to Los Angeles around July 20th and studying from Sept. 4 2012 until June 2014.


The program only accepts about four people a year, and they’ve offered me a substantial scholarship to attend. Aufregend! If anyone lives in Los Angeles, maybe we could get together for beer and chit chat. Yee-haw!

Mix CD, case and cover.

05 Jun 2012 | no comments »

Earlier this year I was invited to participate in a mix CD exchange (took place throughout the US — my recipient was in Utah!) and I took it fairly seriously. I made a good mix of very WTF music and then named the CD after my preferred track by Melon Boat. The CD was named Organic Euthanasia.


The track names were written on a merchant slip, and the CD was inscribed using LightScribe (yes, I still have a computer that does that). The cover was made on a spare piece of stretched muslin using embroidery thread and spare book cutouts. It looked just lovely. If anyone wants a copy of the playlist and the music, let me know.

Stout-Cured Drinking Horn

24 Apr 2012 | 2 comments »

Built from a hollowed out steer horn. Top was cracked and splintered, so had to be sanded down. Inside was cleaned A LOT. Filled for 24 hours with Souther Tier Mocha Stout to cure it (better option than wax or plastic). Finished with a brown leather strap.
A link to build your own: GoHeathen.com

Ada’s Nyan Cat Dress

13 Apr 2012 | no comments »

A short while ago, Miss Jen Savage (also the taker of this lovely photograph) commissioned me to embroider Nyan Cat onto a dress for her adorable daughter, Ada. Here’s the finished project!


It took a little while and I ran into some issues, namely that baby dresses seem to be infinitely stretchy. This issue was fixed with some creative interfacing use and a bit of patience. In the end, I think the result is pretty cute — and it looks like Ada and Jen approve!


materials used: interfacing, embroidery thread, thread, embroidery hoop, embroider needles, needles, pins.