Eyes & Tulle, 10 Year Reunion Piece.

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On show at Space Mountain Gallery Miami from Dec. 21 – Dec. 31, 2017 as a part of Design & Architecture Senior High’s Class of 2007 10 Year Reunion Show.


This piece represents a mirroring of my high school concentration, but done using more up to date media for my current practice. Piece consists of embroidery thread, tulle, and wooden embroidery & quilting hoops. This piece took around 40 hours to complete, and you can view a full gallery of the process + close up images w/ detail here.


If you would like to own this piece, please get in touch.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.42.16 AM

Interview up on Science Exchange

10 Apr 2014 | no comments »

Tess Mayall, a very lovely geologist who works for Science Exchange, did an interview with me after my Kickstarter was completed. Science Exchange was the service I used to get bids to sequence my brother’s DNA for the Toad project, which will be on view in the Mint gallery of CalArts, April 12 – 19th, as a part of the Soft Power show. Check out the interview!


Follow me on Instagram!

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Sure, you can find a pretty good repository of my more important/complete/big projects here on my site, but to keep up with any and all work (including the little stuff) and general nonsense, check out my Instahams.


Screenname: Ucalegon.


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Back in May, I helped build a card game called Mythos with Dave Mickey’s SoundGameSpace class. We made three decks of cards, one for roots, one for words, and one for sentences, with which players could build new words, phrases, and stories, in order to repopulate the legendary library of Mythos. This game was presented at the 2013 San Mateo Maker Faire, and the cards are of course available to anyone who might like them.


New Project: Soft Power

12 Feb 2014 | no comments »

This May I’m graduating from CalArts in LA with my MFA in Art & Technology and Integrated Media. To achieve this I have to complete my thesis and its concordant thesis show. My thesis subject is “defense mechanisms,” which I left broadly defined to include social, psychological, and physical defense mechanisms. My main show will thus consist of a pile of at least 50 life-sized stuffed-animal weapons laid out in a pile for folks to cuddle up in. There will also be embroideries, quilts depicting fighter plane formations, possibly a “quiet book” library, and who knows what else. Everyone is invited to the opening on April 17th at CalArts in the Mint gallery, 7:00pm, which I’ll re-announce later when a poster has been made.


René Bohne published an O’Reilly book and I’m in it.

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I forgot all about this and feel like a big jerk. I contributed a couple of projects to this (I presume, I don’t speak German) awesome book René Bohne published more than a year ago. If YOU speak German, and want to learn more about “hip mit smart Fashion” you should get your butt over to the O’Reilly website and check it out. René is a lovely individual and I am sure his book is too. Plus I’m in it, so go me. LINK!!!


Kickstarter successfully funded!

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My Kickstarter has been more than successfully funded thanks to: Ahre Elle, Aldo Luna, Alicia Diehl, AlmostHuman, Andrew Weissman, Andrewsonny, Anne Petersen, Betsy Suero Skipp, Bill Grim, Brittany, Chris Papadopoulos, Cindy Wu, Dan Kaminsky, Dan Knox, Dana Kamilar, Dave, David Iorns, David Skipp, Deborah L Booth, Dennis & Bonnie Meyer, Dr. Michael Noll-Hussong, Drew Fustini, Elizabeth Suero, Gyu Lee, jain7th, James Montagna, Jenni Vetterli, Jennifer Savage, Jeremy Teel, Jeroen Keppens, Jessica Li, Jim Burke, Joachim Walewski, Job Joossen, Joe Cronin, Joey Funk, John Stoner, Katherine Pan, Kathy Ford, Kevin Gayle, Kevin Gonzalez, Kyle Bollinger, Laura Carberry, Laurie Rich, Leigh Honeywell, Linda Sands, Lisa Waterman, Madelynn Martiniere, Maggie Young, Mark Rankin, Fin Hametner, Mary Oldham, MelasLithos, Michael Bryant, Michael McGregor, Michael Schapiro, Michael Rosenn, Michelle Smith, Nick Sylvester, Patrick Gurgel, Rose Marie Robertson, Sara Milne, Sky Wolland, Stephanie Skipp, Steven Ametjan, Stu Schmidt, Tim Winkler, Ting-Ju, Tory Middlebrooks, Vladyslava Podzigun, and Zinzi Gugu.




KICKSTARTER! Please help!

04 Dec 2013 | no comments »

Today I launched my first ever Kickstarter in the hopes that I could get enough support to fund sequencing my brother’s RNA, so I can build a second half to my first loom project. If you would be so kind, please consider supporting the project and/or spreading the word! It’d mean the world to me!



Completed project: Bufo marinus

25 Oct 2013 | no comments »

A close up of the gallery set up in the D300 gallery space at CalArts. These looms are woven representations of the 16S (partial), tRNA, and 12S (partial) sequences of a particular ribosomal RNA gene of the cane toad (Bufo marinus). Each base is represented as a difference color of thread:
• Red: Adenine
• Green: Guanine
• Yellow: Thymine
• Blue: Cytocine.
These were built with the mentorship of Michael Bryant and some help from Dr. Dan Dolderer. More info can be found at skipp.us.


Costumes for Death of a Groupie

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This past weekend my friend Zinzi hired me to help make some costumes (very very quickly) for a scene in her in-development/upcoming series, Death of a Groupie, a bizarre assortment of humor and biblical references that is just totally blowing my mind so far. I threw together what I could (primarily bizarre monk hoods and rip-away clothing and sashes) to dress thirteen people in an updated version of the Last Supper done in bright primaries with a huge focus on soda pop orange. Photo via Zinzi