A doodle that I like.

22 Dec 2011 | 1 comment »

This doodle that I did over the summer makes me happy. Here it is, so that I can remember it always.

New portfolio site.

13 Dec 2011 | no comments »

Oh fauns, it’s been a tumultuous past couple-a months. In the meantime, though, and with the help of Fin, I’ve put up a proper portfolio site to aid in all of the graduate school applications I have to finish this month (to NYU, RISD, CalARTS, SAIC, and SFAI). Rest assured, I have not abandoned you. Here’s a link to the new site, should you be interested:



Lady Rainicorn Scarf quick video.

17 Oct 2011 | no comments »

Here’s a quick video of the scarf, with the LEDs blinking and fading. Pretty sure this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever made.

Lady Rainicorn LED Scarf.

17 Oct 2011 | 1 comment »

Lady Rainicorn is a character from Adventure Time. I built this scarf as part of a Halloween costume for a friend, and threw in some LEDs for extra cuteness. It took a few days and a lot of cutting and sewing and cursing at the conductive thread, but overall I’m happy with the outcome. Here’s pictures of it, and a video will come soon (to prove that there are five LEDs altogether, lest you doubt me).

Pardon the time spent away.

12 Sep 2011 | no comments »

I apologize for being away and not posting recently. I’ve been a little out of it, and in the meantime I’ve been tasked with setting up a second website to show a portfolio for my upcoming application to Die Angewandte. At the very least, I did do a bit of doodling on Corel Painter 12 (which I recently got). That’s all I’ve got to show right now, though.

Photos from some abandoned train tracks.

01 Sep 2011 | no comments »

Fin and I took a bike ride over to some abandoned train tracks (and also an abandoned rail station?) nearish to Praterstern a few days ago. Photography has never been something I’m particularly good at, but here’s a small set of photos from that outing anyway.

Laser cutter fun: Antler necklace test.

28 Aug 2011 | no comments »

This was actually put together prior to CCCamp011 but I’ve been busy and distracted, I suppose. Thus I’ve still only printed out the yellow acrylic test of this Illustrator sketch. The antlers fit into both the stag and the rabbit, and later I hope to make more heads and attachments, to make an acrylic paper-doll sort of thing. I am fairly proud of the quality of the illustrator vector file as well — shoot me an e-mail if you’d like it for any reason.

New project: Semaphore bot.

23 Aug 2011 | 1 comment »

Thanks to a hilarious comment by one Mr. Jeff Gough during a quickly nose-diving talk at CCCamp2011 (“They should conduct this talk in semaphore,”) I’ve had semaphore flags on the brain. Projects like this have been done previously, but never with the complete alphabet/vocabulary. Thus, having ordered the parts and started the sketching process, fin & I will be building a semaphore bot that will, hopefully, read out in semaphore the various correspondences my grandfather had during WWII. Woohoo!

A portrait of Adora for growabrain.tumblr.com

22 Aug 2011 | no comments »

I was recently asked by Hanan Levin to do a portrait of his daughter, Adora, as part of a series wherein he hires two-hundred artists to draw her portrait. What an honor! I threw together a portrait of Adora as queen of the minifauna (is that a word? alas) and it was put up on the site today. Cheers!

Sketches since I’ve moved.

19 Aug 2011 | no comments »

Since coming to Vienna, my tools have been somewhat limited (mostly by access – still haven’t managed to find an embroidery hoop/Stickrahmen) and I’ve been working on getting back into drawing (especially because the majority of my fine arts stuff recently has been digital and that gets super boring). Please enjoy the ensuing sketches, which will hopefully continue!