photo 2

Stuffed AK-47’s, pre-dye.

13 Mar 2014 | no comments »

These will be dyed later in the month along with the molotov cocktails to give it a more distinctive color. The lines are all hand-embroidered.


Building a stuffed AK47.

19 Feb 2014 | no comments »

Today I painstakingly drew out a life-sized AK47 on brown felt, to be turned into a pattern as soon as I make this post. The lines will be embroidered on, and the wooden parts stained into the fabric with tempera or watercolor paint. It should be noted in advance that this prototype will be highly simplified to make it sew-able.


The arsenal grows.

19 Feb 2014 | no comments »

In this photograph there are 8 Excalibur artillery shells and 16 High Explosive Squash Heads, looking kind of like cacti.


Soft Power: the first steps.

12 Feb 2014 | no comments »

Soft Power is my CalArts MFA thesis project, in which I am building 50+ life sized stuffed animal weapons for people to cuddle up in in a pile. They are very cozy. Pictured are 8 M982 Excalibur shells and 5 High Explosive Squash Heads (only 37 weapons to go). The show will also include embroideries, a quilt depicting fighter plane formations, and hopefully a “quiet book” library and will be viewable in the CalArts Mint gallery from April 12th to April 19th (with a big opening on April 17th at 7:00pm).